14th Annual Arizona Fine Art EXPO – Scottsdale Arizona

We took a drive to the Arizona  Fine Art EXPO this last Saturday and really enjoyed the experience.    The EXPO takes the cream of the artist crop, places them together within a large desert tent enclosure and for 3 months the artists create, talk, and open their world to you.   The artists work while patrons are encouraged to mingle and interact during their creative process.   It’s a very unique experience and the artwork is truly spectacular.    The artists were extremely open and instructive in sharing their art and their unique creative process.   Each had their own story, creative style, and drive.   The EXPO is open from January 12th through March 25th this year and is located up in north scottsdale at 26540 North Scottsdale Road  (Intersection of Jomax Rd and Scottdale Rd).


The EXPO was Founded in 2005, and is one of the most respected art shows in Arizona.  The idea and ultimate creation of the EXPO was achieved when Judi Combs, who founded Thunderbird Artists in 1981, teamed up with her husband Roger, her brother Dennis and his wife Judy.   They took their passion for fine art and created a unique multi week event that combines the aspects of a juried fine art festival, the elements of a gallery and the inner-workings of an artist’s studio.  The result is a truly unique experience of art that I can’t recommend highly enough.    Below is a summary of some of the artists we enjoyed and chatted with during our visit this time.   These are just a very small sample of the art and various media available.    For instance, just noticed there are no traditional sculptures in this sampling, but there were spectacular sculptures and artists at the EXPO.   If you enjoy fine art and getting a glimpse behind the creative curtain, put this on your list of places to spend an afternoon.

Gregory Tomb – Glass Blowing and Glass Art



Pat Stacy – Unique Mixed Media Creations 



Charles Taube – Unique Layered Wood Sculptures



Dominic Borbeau – Contempory Art

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Kris Miller – Contemporary Art



Beth Hyatt – Camera, Pencil, and Brush



Martin Bourbeau – Layered Paint Textured Creations



Heather Kincade – Gourd Art



Monte M Moore – Fine Art, Illustration, Portraits



Corrina Johnson – Paintings and Drawings



Even Gordiets – Paintings Modern



Melissa Ghiglieri – Paintings and Drawings


The Studio Map