Over 50? The Future Might Be Funner Than We Think

If your over 50 like me, our future might be fun.  Looking ahead 20 years,  my 75th birthday celebration would be in progress.  Cake, balloons, family, friends, and my medbot will adorn the milestone event. My two youngest granddaughters can’t attend, as they still have 2 weeks left on Discovery III in low earth orbit, but fortunately they have a halo emitter letting them attend the dinner festivities virtually from the station.

At 75 my health is remarkably good.  Nano bot monitors, strategically placed throughout my body, continuously check my blood chemistry and other vital functions, sending this information real time to my medbot Natalia.  Yes, I picked the Romanian nurse model, ROMNURS-X1 (aka Natalia), don’t judge.  Natalia receives more comprehensive care instructions from Albert, Amazon’s AI medical system, which provides in depth diagnostic analysis and treatments for any issues before symptoms appear.

My cybernetic leg, the real one lost in a motorcycle accident on birthday 70, is receiving a software update from Albert to correct a sub optimal stride that was putting slight stress on my L3 vertebrae.   I was feeling no discomfort, but Natalia and Albert assessed that the update would eliminate a future L3 failure.   Neural networked chiropractic care on the fly.

In my 73rd year, a particularly virulent tumor was detected that required surgery to remove. Natalia injected 20,000 custom programmed nano surgeon bots into my veins, who swam their way to the effected zone and dealt with the unwelcome intruder cells.   To pass the time, I relived the Voyager I flight path in my spherical surround VR room. The Voyager I experience was awe inspiring. The live views of it’s now interstellar travels through the Kuiper belt void took my breath away.  The next notable milestone of Voyager’s journey is the Gliese 445 flyby in about 40,000 years, give or take a century or two.  I might have the chance to watch that live, depending on how I decide to use my daughter’s birthday gift.  5 hours after my initial Nano treatment, the Nano bots exited my system with their deadly cargo in tow.  Natalia injected 500 patrol Nanos that monitored for any stray cellular renegades that might have shown up over the following days to make sure my system stayed completely clean.

Back to this 75th birthday celebration where my daughter gifted me an opportunity to have my core essence uploaded to Albert’s identity replication connectome system.    This technology allows the full contents of my life experiences, memories, emotions, and knowledge to be uploaded, stored, and utilized.   There are additional upgrades for virtual living environments, and loading to a new body, after the primary biologic has worn out of course.   The younger folks fully embrace this technology, My wife and I are still pondering that electronic immortal future.

My current neural implants allow Natalia instant awareness of my desire for a New York deli-style roast beef on rye which arrives perfectly prepared during this happy birthday celebration.    The implants also allow a direct link with Albert’s AI design systems to help work on a problematic roadblock that my current holographic sensory enhancement project has.   Albert could easily provide the complete solution, but my preference is to collaborate and use him when these types of issues bog down my personal progress.   I enjoy the personal challenge of working the problem through.  The connection of my biological brain to the larger neural network, where Albert lives, took some getting used too but it has been quite compelling once the experience of it settled in.

The Phoenix area weather control system has created rain today as humidity levels have dropped below 10% for the area, suboptimal for this desert ecosystem, tomorrow…

… Ok, ok back to reality.

Clearly this is a fanciful view of a potential senior future and despite cautious trepidation expressed by many, myself included, about AI’s social impacts, there are some very significant and compelling upside potentials. I am sure you can envision even grander scenarios of a technology infused tomorrow. It really could be quite fun. For todays 20 somethings, I’m not sure aging will mean anything, as advancements will be made beyond comprehension. So yes indeed, it might be a terrific time to be a senior in 20 years.  Time will, as always, tell.

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