Sonoita / Elgin Arizona – Wine Country

Picture by: Tims Terra Views

We have traveled down to the Sonoita / Elgin area in southern Arizona many times over the last few years.   It’s a beautiful part of Arizona and each visit is always like discovering a secret get away so different from our typical lowland desert views.   The Sonoita area’s 4,970 foot elevation, high rolling grasslands, spectacular mountains and canyons, provide some of Arizona’s most beautiful scenic eye candy. Mount Wrightson, one of the tallest peaks in Arizona, dominates the horizon.

Picture by: Tims Terra Views

As the pictures illustrate, this looks like wine country and it is.   There are at least 12 wineries in the Sonoita/Elgin region (rough map is located at the bottom of this post), with new vineyards being developed all the time.  With each expedition we usually see at least two new grape vine fields being grown.   Our travel routine typically is to visit and taste the wines of as many wineries as possible.   For this trip however, we focused on three of our four favorites so as to linger and savior, not feeling rushed to move on to the next establishment.    Hunger and the setting sun intruded on visiting our fourth.  Our 4 favorites at this point are;

Picture by: Tims Terra Views

If you have time to visit this part of Arizona, especially if you live in the state, I can’t recommend making a trip down to this region highly enough.   The scenery is such an enticing diversion from our normal desert scapes, the people are extremely friendly, and the wines are remarkably good.     There is much more to be said about each of the wineries, as each has their own techniques, growing methods (including locations which sometimes are outside Sonoita) and wine varieties.    Since wine is such a personal taste, doing a formal review here doesn’t seem warranted.    What can be said is that if you enjoy big spaces, delicious wine, and beautiful scenery take a trip and treat yourself.

Wines purchased this trip

Black Hole – 2015 Petite Sirah

Gravity – 2013 Syrah / Petite Sirah Blend

Big Bang – 2014 Malbec

Zinfandel – 2012

Montepulciano – 2011

Petite Sirah – 2015

Grenache – 2015


Picture by: Tims Terra Views